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Taoiseach and FF leader in bitter EU clash

The Taoiseach and the FF leader clashed in the Dail today on Ireland’s tarnished European reputation.

Enda Kenny said that he had discovered, since becoming Taoiseach, that Ireland’s relationship with its EU partners was “nothing short of disgraceful”.

His task now, he said, was to rebuild that reputation.

The Taoiseach claimed: “The reason was that ministers in the last government did not attend the meetings they were supposed to attend.

“When they did speak, if they spoke, they spoke only on a narrow confined basis about elements of this country and had no contribution to make on the broader context of Europe.”

But FF leader Micheál Martin said that the assertion was “most reprehensible.”

“It is a low charge that has no substance, and you should withdraw it,” he said.

Mr Martin had earlier asked Mr Kenny to end his “hands off” policy and arrange to meet face-to-face the leaders standing in the way of delivering the bail-out better terms.

He added that last February, all our European partners agreed to change the financial support package to make it more sustainable.

This was officially confirmed at the euro zone summit, which Mr Kenny had attended three months ago.

“Since then, there has been no progress and things have been going backwards.”

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