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Saturday 17 August 2019

Tank the Eagle Owl has been located, owners say

Lezley De Loughry with Tank the owl Photo: Facebook
Lezley De Loughry with Tank the owl Photo: Facebook Newsdesk Newsdesk

An Eagle Owl missing from her home in Kildare has been located this evening.

The owners of female owl Tank tracked her down to Sallins, where she has been sighted up a tree,

An appeal seeking the whereabouts of Tank was issued over the weekend.

Tank escaped from her home in Curragh Grange, Co Kildare, while being fed on Friday.

The creature has a 6.5-foot wing span.

Owner Lezley De Loughry told RTE Radio One that previous media reports that the bird is dangerous are not true.

"She is a pet, that story grew wings. We had said that if anybody sees her, not to try and pick her up, because her talons are really strong, they're that strong that they could kill a small deer, but that was completely taken out of context.

"She doesn't eat deer and she doesn't go around hunting deer or anything like that. It's just so that nobody would pick her up, because she'd get scared and she'd flap her wings, but she's not going to go after anyone.

"She's definitely not going to be swooping down from the sky picking up children or deers or anything like that," Lezley said.

Over the past few days, there have been sightings of Tank the owl in the Carragh and Sallins areas, but she is yet to be found.

"We think she might be going along the river, but there have been so many sightings of her it's hard to follow up on them all."

Anyone who spots the owl is asked to contact the National Parks & Wildlife Service or local gardai.

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