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Tale of how Celtic Tiger was wasted tops 2010 charts

Wasters, the book written by Sunday Independent business journalists Nick Webb and Shane Ross, was the leading 2010 Irish-published work in the non-fiction paperback category.

Published by Penguin Ireland, Wasters pipped Soundings (compiled by Professor Gus Martin) by just over 700 copies in a photofinish. Wasters sold 23,934 copies against 23,206 for Soundings. The figures, provided by Nielsen Bookscan, track roughly 80 per cent of the books sold in the Republic of Ireland.

Wasters tells the story of the people who have squandered Irish citizens' taxes on vanity projects, juicy junkets and favours for their friends.

It lists the chronic cronyism that has infected Ireland's state bodies and it documents the scandals at FAS, CIE and the HSE as uncovered in the Sunday Independent. It reveals how insiders benefited from the mushrooming quango industry during the Celtic Tiger years and spells out the price ordinary taxpayers are now paying for the indulgences of the elite.

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