Friday 24 November 2017


Laura Sourke, aged 25, came to Killarney from Kildare when she was 19 to help her sister who had a restaurant. Now Laura has opened her own bakery -- Bake, on Beech Road -- with her partner Daniel Cronin.

"I came down for a year and never went home -- I met Daniel, who is from Killarney. Now my mother has two Kerrymen in the family as my sister married one too!"

Laura worked in Scotland for a year for a recruitment agency specialising in the food and drinks industry. Daniel was running a food court in an Edinburgh shopping centre.

"One day he asked me would I make some cakes, like I did at home. Then I was asked would I do the farmer's market around Edinburgh Castle on a Saturday. When we moved back home I decided to do food markets here. It is a great way to meet people, I love them. We were doing that for two-and-a-half years, but I really wanted my own shop, so we worked and scrimped and saved every penny and eventually now we have got our own shop up and running.

"Cupcakes are our main speciality, we do a gourmet range. We have them filled with Bailey's chocolate and a latte butter cream, chocolate truffle sauce, chocolate swirl, red velvet cake, vanilla with lemon curd and meringue on top. We have a range of 14 and we mix them around, producing about eight different ones each day."

Oh boy, were they sinful looking confections, and a good size. Bake also does brown, buttermilk, and soda breads, and all sorts of lovely cakes.

"We started doing markets in a recession, and we give value. We are up against the big supermarkets, but people know that everything that is on sale here has been made within two hours of it being on the shelf -- smell sells."

Bake: (085) 779-7723


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