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Swashbucklers celebrate 'Irish Zorro'

WEXFORD is set to embrace the spirit of one of its most famous sons, with a Mexican-themed, action packed festival in honour of William Lamport – arguably the inspiration for Mexican hero, Zorro.

'Zorrofest Wexford', on Saturday, will see the town turn 'Wexican' with a celebration of the life and legend of a real-life 'Irish Zorro' – 17th-century Wexford-man Lamport, born in Wexford town in 1611.

This pirate, soldier, spy and revolutionary was a rebellious romantic rascal and swashbuckling righter of wrongs. He was also the writer of the first independence proclamation of the Americas. A statue of "Guillén de Lampart" – as he is known in Mexico – still guards the tomb of their revolutionary heroes and Independence monument.

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