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Suspected burglary gang flee Dublin Mountains after seven car garda chase


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A suspected burglary gang has outrun pursing gardai in a car chase that has been happening since 9pm this evening.

The hot pursuit, which involved up to seven garda cars, lost track of the Black S3 Audi in the Dublin mountains after a two-hour chase.

According to a source, the car involved has a 2.7 litre twin turbo engine and had an English registration plate.

"The Eastern Division were chasing the vehicle all over the Dublin mountains, but failed to capture them, losing them in the Dublin mountains.

"The guards are driving 1.7 litre Hyundais and don't have a hope against a car like that.

"The last sighting of the vehicle was on the Blessington Road heading out bound towards [the town], but was chased towards the mountains and lost."

The source added that at least two or three occupants are in the car and were pursued on suspicion of being involved in a burglary gang in the Tallaght area. 

Wicklow gardai are now involved in the search for the vehicle.

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