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Suspect denies any involvement in murder of Michaela

A PRIME suspect in the murder of Michaela Harte in Mauritius has given a formal statement denying any involvement in the crime.

Legends Hotel employee Sandip Mooneea (41), who has been charged with murder, said he was working nearby when the 27-year-old was killed, but denied being in the room.

He has continued to protest his innocence despite another of the accused, Abinash Treebhoowoon, confessing that both he and Mr Mooneea killed the honeymooner when she returned to the room to get biscuits.

Investigating officers believe she was killed when she disturbed a robbery.


The floor supervisor made a formal statement yesterday at the Major Crime Investigation Team office at the Line Barracks in Mauritius.

Confronted with the allegations made by Mr Treebhoowoon and security officer Dassen Narrainen -- who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder -- Mr Mooneea told investigators: "I've got nothing to do with the murder of Michaela Harte. I was not in room 1025 when she was killed."

He was charged with murder two weeks ago. Mr Treebhoowoon has since alleged police brutality and an inquiry has been launched.

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