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Surgeons battle to reattach man's arm

SURGEONS were last night battling to reattach a man's arm after it was sliced off in a workplace accident.

John Dineen, a haulage contractor, was loading animal feed from a machine into a truck when the incident happened at Dan O'Connor Feeds, Limerick, at around 8am yesterday. It's believed Mr Dineen's arm was severed from below the elbow.

The married father from Ardagh, Co Limerick, was rushed to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital.

But he was later transferred to Cork University Hospital where emergency surgery was to take place.


Gerry Clifford, manager at Dan O'Connor Feed, said everyone at the plant was "shocked".

He added: "I don't know exactly what happened because I wasn't talking to him but I believe he may have dropped something in the machine and instinctively went after it.

"He was using one of the company's conveyor machines to load feed on to a truck and he was going to take it to a farm.

"I think he is aged in his mid-40s and he has a family," he added.

It's understood Mr Dineen, runs a livestock haulage company in Ballymakeera, Co Cork.

No one at the haulage firm could be reached for comment following yesterday's accident.

Gardai and the Health Safety Authority are investigating the incident.

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