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Support for Coalition rises despite Budget

Support for the government parties has improved slightly since the Budget, despite controversy over some of the measures, the latest opinion poll shows.

The Government also welcomed figures showing the majority of people are willing to pay the €100 household charge.

The first poll of the year shows little enough movement, but no collapse in backing for Fine Gael and the Labour Party as a result of the Budget.

Compared to the last poll taken the week before the Budget in December, the coalition parties are both up one point leaving Fine Gael on 33pc and Labour on 16pc.

Fianna Fail is down a point to 17pc and Sinn Fein is also down one point to 14pc, with Independents staying the same on 20pc.

On the household charge, 42pc know they are due to pay it and say they will pay it.

And 24pc don't know if they're liable with 19pc saying they don't have to pay it at all. But 15pc say they are aware they are liable for the charge, but are not going to pay it.

A government source said the figures showed up to 85pc of people are willing to pay the charge.

Irish Independent