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Sunny days here again -- but they won't last

HOPES of balmy weather to salvage a cool and cloudy July were all but dashed yesterday as forecasters predicted more mixed conditions for the remainder of the month.

While today will be pleasant enough with most areas -- except the southwest -- experiencing sunny spells and highs of up to 20C, it's a far cry from forecasts earlier this week of a significant boost in temperatures.

Unlike our neighbours across the Atlantic, who are sweltering in temperatures exceeding 35C due to a build-up of "wall-to-wall sunshine", the best we can hope for is temperatures hovering around 20-21C tomorrow, with good sunny spells, according to Met Eireann forecaster Harm Luijkx.

But the party will be short-lived as more cloud will come in from the Atlantic tomorrow and gradually move eastwards across the country by evening.

Expect a return to wet and cloudy conditions on Monday.

Irish Independent