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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Success for INM as hits 10 million users in July

A screengrab of the homepage
A screengrab of the homepage Newsdesk Newsdesk has reached a new high water mark in July, informing and entertaining a larger audience than ever before.

Based on internal analytics, the audience reached around the globe was more than 10 million users. This figure does not even take into account people that enjoy reading our stories on our apps, with recent updates to both our iOS and Android apps pushing app usage figures to new heights.

"The drive to engage with more people than ever before is underpinned by our editorial strategy, reaping the rewards of an integrated newsroom, helping us to break news faster and deliver more in-depth opinions and analysis than ever before," said Fionnuala O'Leary, Digital Editor for Independent News & Media.

Separately, a number of Independent News and Media journalists have been successful in getting support from the Simon Cumbers Media Fund to pursue stories on development issues.

These include: Louise Kelly from the online newsdesk team, who has been funded to go to Guatemala to highlight the situation there where women do not widely take part in the decision-making process, and where very high levels of violence against women exist.

Declan Whooley from the online sports team has received funding to visit Lebanon and focus on a refugee camp there.

Deirdre O'Shaughnessy has been funded to go to Cambodia to examine developmental issues, especially universal primary education.

Jenny Barker was awarded funds to travel to Haiti to produce a photographic social documentary that will show how Haitian women in poor areas are changing their lives for the better, through entrepreneurship programmes. Their work will be published through the Irish Independent.

Paul McCambridge was awarded funds to travel to Nepal and India, to produce a multi-media project that will explore why human traffickers kidnap from their own communities, and the impact this has. The project will be published by the Sunday World.

Group Editor-in-Chief Stephen Rae said: "We are delighted to have hit the 10 million-mark online. It's a vindication of our trusted journalism online.

"It also points to the success of our central newsroom for all our titles in print and online which was completed in the last month.

"We are also very happy to see so many of our talented young journalists successful in getting support from the Simon Cumbers Media Fund to report on development issues and look forward to publishing their reports on their return."

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