Saturday 19 October 2019

Students' frustration as Dublin Bus drivers refuse to stop at UCD due to 'anti-social behaviour'

UCD bus stop on the Stillorgan Road flyover (Photo: Google Maps)
UCD bus stop on the Stillorgan Road flyover (Photo: Google Maps)

Denise Calnan and Claire Murphy

Students have expressed their frustration after Dublin Bus drivers are refusing to stop at University College Dublin due to "anti-social behaviour".

According to the UCD Student's Union, students are forced to spend upwards of €50 to get home after buses repeatedly leave them standing at the bus stop.

SU President Barry Murphy said the university have security guards on the gate to manage any antisocial behaviour, and he is asking Dublin Bus drivers not to "tar all UCD students with the same brush".

"We currently have a situation in UCD where the bus is not stopping at the main bus stop," Mr Murphy told RTÉ Radio One's Morning Ireland.

"There is significant upset among the students left waiting after they have been studying in the library until 9, 9.30, 10 at night and have to wait up to an hour for a bus. They're left with no alternative but to get a taxi home which can cost upwards of €50.

"The bus stop is up on a flyover and some buses just come up and drive past the students.

"It's been suggested that students walk to a nearby bus stop, that's been offered as a short-term solution.

"We have students in wheelchairs who have been left waiting for up to an hour, it may not be possible for them to get to the next bus stop. "We also have some students who feel vulnerable at that time of night," he added.

Mr Murphy said the students' union has been making an effort to stop any anti-social behaviour and have security guards posted at the gates.

"I know it's outside of their control once the students get on the bus," Mr Murphy said.

"But it's unfair to tar all 28,500 students with the one brush. Anti-social behaviour can happen anywhere in the city."

He continued; "I accept that there have been a few isolated incidents of anti-social behaviour. We are promoting that students should be mindful of their behaviour on Dublin Bus.

"I would encourage drivers to stop at the stop, it's safe for them to do so."

In a statement to RTÉ, Dublin Bus said it was aware of "customer complaints regarding services" at the UCD bus stop.

"A number of Dublin Bus services have been affected by anti-social behaviour issues which has resulted in some services not serving these stops," a spokesperson said.

"While we appreciate the inconvenience caused, the safety of our employees and customers is of paramount importance." have contacted Dublin Bus for further comment.

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