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Students find right formula for success

THERE were no great surprises in yesterday's Leaving Certificate Chemistry Higher Level paper, but students "really had to have their wits about them" for the final two parts of Questions 2 and 3.

That was the verdict of Tara Lyons, teacher at Dublin's Institute of Education. Ciara O'Shea of the ASTI and St Attracta's Community School, Tubbercurry, Co Sligo, had similar concerns but said when she raised them with her students, they didn't share them.

Students came out of both the higher and ordinary level exams "very happy".

She said the only section the higher level students she spoke to had stayed away from was Question 10(c), on stoichiometry, the maths of chemistry.

The question featured a silver bracelet and its reaction to a cleaning process.

Ms Lyons said there was the usual emphasis on practical experiments, organic chemistry -- accounting for 3.5 questions from 11, and candidates have to do eight -- and atomic theory.

At ordinary level, Ms O'Shea said the only gripe she had related to Question 5(c), about atomic number and mass number.

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