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Saturday 20 January 2018

Students face higher living costs for coming year

Katherine Donnelly Education Editor

STUDENTS are facing higher living costs in the forthcoming academic year, according to a new survey.

Expenses for a student away from home will average €7,902 – up from €7,803 – while a student living at home will see the cost rise by €81 to €4,176.

The annual Cost of Living Guide, compiled by Dublin Institute of Technology's (DIT) Campus Life office, does not include the Student Contribution Charge, which will rise to €2,500 this year.

The most significant cost for students is rent, and while nationally the average rent is stable at €289 per month, in Dublin costs have risen 4.5pc since last year.

The average rental figure for students in Dublin is around €348, but it can vary widely from less than €300 per month for a shared room, up to €993 or more for a one-bedroom unit in Dublin city centre.

With growing competition for rental properties, particularly in Dublin, students are advised to start looking as early as possible. The Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) has launched a new national guide for rents.

Transport costs have also gone up, with a €6-a-month increase in the student short-hop ticket .


Tough economic times are having their impact on students' well-being, according to Brian Gormley from DIT Campus Life.

"Fewer students are able to get part-time work, and many families are struggling to support their children who are in college," Mr Gormley said.

He referred to a recent survey in which 60pc of Irish students reported being stressed by their financial situation and he said he hoped the guide would help students and their families budget for the year.

While there has been an increase in living costs, the costs associated with attending college are still less than what they were in 2008, when a student had to budget €8,403, over €500 more than in 2013.

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