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Monday 18 February 2019

Student stabbing was 'an accident'

Abigail Rieley

A TEEN accused of murdering a student on graduation night told gardai the stabbing was accidental, a jury heard.

Finn Colclough (18), with an address at Waterloo Road, Dublin 4, denies the murder of student Sean Nolan in the early hours of May 26, 2007.

Detective Garda Aine Dalton said that Mr Colclough told gardai he didn't know the stabbing had happened until he went back inside the house and saw blood on his hands.

He told gardai he had started to wash his hands to get the blood off them and the knife had fallen into the sink.

"My hand was on the blade. I was washing my hands and the knife. I can't really remember."

The jury at the Central Criminal Court heard Mr Colclough and two friends had met the deceased and his two friends when they had decided to go for a walk shortly before 4am.

He told gardai Mr Nolan asked them if they knew a girl called "Saffy" who lived nearby. He said he knew a Saffy, or Sara, but her family had moved away.

"We tried to give them directions. They were slightly drunk. They started to get agitated. We weren't giving good directions."

Mr Colclough told gardai that he and his friends went back into the house but then got slightly scared and locked the door. They could see Mr Nolan and his friends out of the kitchen window.

"They had a bottle of wine and were asking if we could open it."

He told gardai that he had picked up two knives which he thought were sitting on the kitchen table and had gone outside waving them in the hope that it would scare them away.

Mr Colclough said that as he ran out screaming, one of the men came up to him.

"He came really close and said, 'Are you going to use them?' and, 'You shouldn't be waving them about' and something else I didn't hear."


He said that Mr Nolan then grabbed him with his left hand while swinging his right arm up to hit him on the back of the head. "I kind of accidentally stabbed him. I pushed him off me and the knife went into him."

Mr Colclough said Mr Nolan then stepped back saying "you stabbed me, you f*****g stabbed me". But he said that because Mr Nolan was talking and walked away he hadn't thought that he was seriously injured.

The court heard that Mr Colclough told gardai: "I would like to apologise. I am sorry for all the trouble I caused to that man's family. It was an accident. I really, really didn't mean it."

The trial continues today.

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