Sunday 18 March 2018

Student chat: what they're saying online

Niamh McCarthy

"I thought the applied maths paper was ok. Some of the questions, e.g. Question 7(B), were a bit complicated but other than that, the paper was fine. However, some of my answers did not work out but the majority of the marks go for the effort so I'm not worried." -- Timbuk2

"I thought Religion was an ok-ish paper. Section B and J were easy. Section C was tough and the Aristotle question snookered everyone on Section A into doing the second question." -- NufcNavan

"Religion was a passable paper which is nice because I feared failing. The Aristotle question was terrible though." -- Machismo

"Technology was not a bad paper." -- Crow

"Technology was a tough paper." -- Unknown

"I thought technology was good enough, Id say I got around 2 or 3 of the long bits (i, or ii) wrong so Im happy. Bit of a waste of time studying the difficult stuff when many Qs were common sense (e.g. advantages of LAN)." -- Stainluss

"Ahh the leaving cert is completed! I'm so happy" -- @Rafcam

"I am officially finished school and my Leaving Cert!" -- @Michael

"Room cleaned. Notes recycled. Books to be sold. All evidence of me ever having sat the leaving cert gone!" -- @Endac

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