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Student bar gets a welcome boost

Pat Rabbitte and Eamon Gilmore are both former presidents of NUI Galway Students' Union. And the union got a cash boost from their return.

The Students' Union-operated bar did a roaring trade on Saturday, on what would otherwise have been a quiet day.

O Riordain likes the natural look

The virtues of young women not wearing make-up were extolled by Aodhan O Riordain, who spoke out against girls and women being "over-commercialised from a young age".

He reminisced about his days in college in the 1990s. "When I went to UCD, no woman I knew ever wore make-up -- and that's what was so wonderful about them," he said.

Schools show how to stage a protest

The teachers, parents and pupils of Gaeltacht schools showed how to organise a proper protest.

Eagraiocht na Scoileanna Gaeltachta held a campaign on the NUIG campus, causing no hassle while still getting their point across. Treasa Ni Mhainin and Micheal MacDonncha warned cuts would result in the loss of at least 30 teachers in the Gaeltacht schools system.

Hosford is one to watch for future

The spin-off workshops held by Labour's youth wing are always worth a watch to see the next generation coming up through the ranks.

The one to watch this year was Deirdre Hosford, policy and education officer. Her finest point was on Labour's contrasting commitments on upholding the Croke Park agreement and not bringing back college fees.

Michael D's skills sorely missed

Labour comrades insist on having conferences on Sunday mornings, a time usually used for nursing sore heads.

It was normally taken up by Michael D Higgins, who used to hold sermons on whatever he fancied. Now that he's gone, Labour will find it harder to rustle people from their Sunday fry-ups.

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