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Strewth! Circus kangaroo Sydney makes a hop for it

A KANGAROO named Sydney has made a successful 'hop' for freedom - and remains at large in the countryside.

The missing kangaroo has now captured the imagination of hundreds of Cork school children now looking for the runaway 'roo.

Sydney the Kangaroo escaped from his handlers at the Australian Super Circus last Sunday and has remained at large somewhere in the south county Cork countryside for three days.

The circus was putting on a show outside Kinsale when Sydney decided to hop-off on his own - and, despite intensive searches, still remains at large.

Despite numerous fanciful sightings from youngsters, Sydney's handlers are still hoping for an accurate report that will give them the time to catch the runaway two-year-old.

The circus - which has now moved on to Ardmore in Co Waterford without their missing attraction - has three other kangaroos all related to Sydney.

John Walsh, the Cork farmer on whose land the kangaroo made his successful hop for freedom, is hopeful Sydney's escape will be brought to a swift and safe end. "They are very harmless animals and we are hoping someone will spot him and let us know so we can catch him safely," he added.

Ireland has no predators capable of harming an adult kangaroo except a pack of dogs.

If necessary, an adult kangaroo can reach speeds of up to 60kph over short distances to escape threats from attackers.

Kangaroos are generally quiet animals which pose no threat to humans beyond road safely issues.

Anyone with information about the missing kangaroo's whereabouts can call 087-254-4697.

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