Wednesday 21 August 2019

Streets of chaos: No one paid any heed as brawl lasted 15 minutes

A fight breaks out on the streets of Swords on Saturday night
A fight breaks out on the streets of Swords on Saturday night
Two of the men grapple on the ground in Swords, Co Dublin
Ryan Nugent

Ryan Nugent

It was a late-night street brawl that lasted for more than 15 minutes.

In a scene repeated countless times in towns around the country every Saturday night, too much drink led to a boiling over of tempers – and soon the punches were flying.

Dublin Public Order Offences
Dublin Public Order Offences

However, on this occasion, the brawl seemed to be never-ending as the participants took breathers on the ground to build up the energy to enter the fray again.

Last Saturday night in Swords, north Co Dublin, a fight broke out between three young men at closing time.

Whatever the source of the argument may have been the heated argument quickly descended into a full-scale punch-up.

Minutes into the row, and with the fight showing no signs of slowing down, bouncers from a nearby premises moved to intervene. Despite their efforts, the brawl kicked off again.

One man flung his jacket to the wet ground of a nearby car park, as he readied himself for further aggro.

Another had headed out with a crisp white shirt, now covered in dirt from grappling on the ground.

Each of the three involved spent time in pain, lying on the ground alone and exhausted as they attempted to regain the strength and energy to go again.

Beginning shortly before 2.30am, the brawl continued for more than 15 minutes – with no one else nearby taking much notice, until the group eventually disappeared into the darkness.

Meanwhile, more and more people began to make their way towards the queue of taxis – some in a messy state. One man fell flat on his face, before quickly being lifted up by friends.

Elsewhere in Swords, and on a bitterly cold night, one man found the trip home from the pub too much to take and fell asleep on a shop doorstep.

The beginning of the night had gone off with no incident as a garda car patrolled the area, with the majority out to party in a responsible manner. But as the night wore on, drink kicked in.

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