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Street traders furious over licence-fee hike

DUBLIN'S street traders are facing dramatic hikes in their annual licence fees as new by-laws pave the way for more stalls across the capital.

The city council is taking a bite out of the Big Apple with plans for New York-style 'trading stalls' this summer -- creating an estimated 40 jobs.

However, existing street traders reacted angrily yesterday to the new by-law proposals.

Most face fee hikes of 50pc, but some are looking at increases of between 100pc--560pc.

It is expected some 17 stalls -- selling everything from hot food, ice cream, portraits/caricatures and arts and crafts -- will be dotted across the city from July onwards.

Operating from 7am, landmark locations such as the IFSC, Sandymount Promenade, Abbey Street at the Irish Life Centre, the Ranelagh Triangle and the boardwalk on the Liffey will benefit from the scheme.

Annual stall rent payable to the council varies greatly depending on location.

Irish Independent