Thursday 24 May 2018

'We got no warning': vehicles destroyed as car park under water

Aisling Daly whose car was destroyed in the flooding. Photo: Andrew Downes
Aisling Daly whose car was destroyed in the flooding. Photo: Andrew Downes
Cars destroyed in flooding at Toft Park car park in Salthill, Galway, yesterday. Photo: Andrew Downes
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

Galway residents had their cars destroyed after flood waters submerged vehicles in Toft Park car park in Salthill.

Aisling Daly (32) woke to find her car destroyed and water coming into her ground floor Brinkwater House apartment.

"The water just came in the door so there wasn't any damage (to the apartment) but my car is written off. I can't even get near it to see the damage because the water is too deep. It's not worth even messing with my policy. The water was up too high, I'll just have to write it off," she said.

Ms Daly questioned why residents were not warned to avoid the car park due to flooding concerns.

"Everyone knows not to park there when the warnings are put out, but there was no warning this time," she added.

A spokesperson for Galway City Council said there were permanent signs in place at the car park warning of possible flooding. He said the flooding was worsened by a significant amount of seaweed in waves crashing over the top of the promenade due to high winds. This clogged up drains and stopped the water from receding.

The car park will remain closed for the rest of the week as specialist crews remove the seaweed.

Local businessman Kevin Kearney, who runs the Lighthouse giftshop attached to the Galway Atlantaquaria, was unable to open yesterday after the entrance and car park were left completely under water.

"Thankfully the water didn't get inside but it was right up to the front door. We're closed for the day and we'll have a big clean-up to do on the car park. It's completely covered in seaweed," he added

Local Labour councillor Niall McNeilis is now seeking a text alert system for residents and a temporary lighting sign to warn of high tides.

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