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Storm in a Green Tea cup - Paul Galvin lifts lid on spat with comic


Paul Galvin

Paul Galvin

RTE comic Oliver Callan

RTE comic Oliver Callan

Paul Galvin admitted he was seeing Today FM's Louise Duffy

Paul Galvin admitted he was seeing Today FM's Louise Duffy


Paul Galvin

KERRY footballer Paul Galvin has lifted the lid on the infamous pub bust-up with RTE comic Oliver Callan.

The controversial All-Star and Irish Independent fashion columnist claimed the row was sparked after he politely refused to join Mr Callan for a pint. But he refused to apologise for the flare-up with the 'Nob Nation' comic during a radio interview yesterday.

The pair hit the headlines in October when they were involved in an altercation in the landmark Dublin pub Kehoe's.

Mr Galvin-- who revealed on the show that he was dating Today FM presenter Louise Duffy -- said the comedian had pursued a friendship with him in the run-up to their row.

And he insisted he had not been upset by insinuations that he was gay, which were made in Mr Callan's sketches.

He said: "That's not the issue and wasn't the issue. He did that and people thought that was my problem and it wasn't really."

He said the comic, who came out as gay in the weeks after the incident, had tried to befriend him in recent months.

"I met that man. He went out of his way to make himself known to me on two occasions socially.

"I took him at face value and I thought he was an OK guy and I'm sure he is an OK guy. As it turned out he had his own things going on, he did his thing on TV afterwards," he said.

"I didn't know he had a radio show until subsequent to this. I wouldn't know him or the sky above him had he not gone out of his way to make himself known to me," Mr Galvin added.

The sports star, who is known for his volatile temper on the pitch, said he heard jeering emanating from where the comic was sitting after he refused an invitation to join his party on the night of the incident.

Speaking on the 'Ray D'Arcy Show' on Today FM, Mr Galvin said: "On the night in question I go in the door of Kehoe's pub and within minutes I'm approached by a man who grabbed me by the waist and tried to pull me over around the corner and asked me to join his company. I didn't actually recognise him. I had met him previously but I didn't recognise him. I said:'No thanks I will stay where I am.' I was perfectly sober. It was also suggested I was roaring drunk, which I was not," he added.

Mr Galvin said he declined three times "very politely" to join Mr Callan's table, and this resulted in "a bit of jeering".

"What happened next shouldn't have happened. I should have gone out the door home. I left myself down and I shouldn't have, probably," he said.

Mr Callan, star of the hugely successful satirical show 'Green Tea' on RTE Radio One, has since revealed he will not be pressing charges against the footballer.

However, Mr Galvin said he didn't feel he should apologise for his aggressive behaviour.

The GAA star, who ditched his teaching job last year to pursue his passion for fashion, has been wickedly mocked by Mr Callan on numerous occasions for his fashion columns that appear in the Irish Independent's Weekend magazine.

Yesterday, Mr Galvin arrived at Today FM's studios in Digges Lane, Dublin, wearing red cord trousers and brown leather lace-ups from Topman, plus a green jacket from All Saints.

"It was a bit of a spat.

"I don't know what you would call it. It was not my thing, so good luck to him and his career," he said.

Mr Galvin was also asked about his relationship with Louise Duffy, who presents Today FM's early morning weekday show.

The pair had been denying rumours they were an item for months -- but when asked directly if he was seeing Ms Duffy, Mr Galvin answered: "Yeah, I mean like yeah. She's really good on the radio. That's all I'll say."

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