Thursday 18 July 2019

WATCH: Footage shows nerve-wracking moment snow falling from trees covers driver's windscreen

Mark McConville

This footage shows the nerve-wracking moment that snow covered a driver's windscreen after falling from a tree.

Passenger Celestine McCoy was travelling to her father's funeral when she decided to take a video of the snowy avenue.

She was shocked when snow began to fall from the trees along the road in Kinsale, Co Cork.

The volume of snow fell from the trees onto the window of their car.

"I was traveling to my dad's funeral", Celestine McCoy told

"Sitting the passenger seat I wanted to record how beautiful the snow was, when I noticed the bus coming.

"As soon as it got close to our car, snow fell from the tree and basically blinded us from seeing anything.

"I'm sure it blinded the bus driver too. It was so scary."

Celestine added; "We couldn't see anything, but fortunately everything ended up okay."

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