Friday 16 November 2018

Station bans hit song about suicide

A RADIO station has banned a controversial song dealing with suicide from its playlist following a flood of complaints from listeners.

Dublin music station FM104 said that with the rate of suicide among young people at an all-time high, it felt it was no longer appropriate to air Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls'. Meanwhile, 2FM confirmed last night that the song is also not on its playlist.

The song, which deals with unrequited love, has spent the last month at the top of the Irish and British single charts. However, there have been growing calls internationally for it to be pulled from television and radio playlists.

Kingston, a 17-year-old reggae-pop star, sings: "You're way too beautiful girl/That's why it'll never work/ You'll have me suicidal, suicidal/ When you say it's over."

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission is also looking closely at the song having received a number of complaints about it in recent days.


A spokesperson for 2FM said the song is currently not on its playlist but could not confirm if it had been in the past.

Programme director with FM104, Dave Kelly, said he decided to take action after a text poll of listeners found that 73pc wanted the song taken off the air.

"With the rate of suicide among young Irish people at an all-time high, I decided to take action. While I accept that the song is popular and catchy, as a responsible company, FM104 has decided to take this song off the air," he explained.

President of the Irish Association of Suicidology, Fine Gael deputy Dan Neville, said the lyrics were suggestive and, considering the "contagion" or "copycat" factors of some suicides, it was important to err on the side of caution.

"It is suggestive in that somebody, who is maybe suffering from depression can have a relationship breakdown like that and may be vulnerable. There is the implication that a relationship breakdown would create a suicidal condition, mind you he doesn't say 'I'd take my own life'.

"The fact that 73pc of young people are concerned about this shows that it obviously has some sort of impact on young people who are very sensitive and concerned about suicide.

"So many young people have seen their friends and peers die from suicide. In their judgement, they see the lyrics as inappropriate," he added.

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