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State aims to spark 5,000 jobs with 'finder's fee' initiative

THE Government aims to create 5,000 jobs by paying a 'finder's fee' of up to €300,000 to anyone who can tempt foreign investors to set up here.

The target is part of its overall plan to create 100,000 jobs over five years that was recently announced in its Action Plan for Jobs.

Under the plan, finders can earn from €1,500 to €3,000 for each job created.

Finders who introduce investors with expansion plans to the State can earn up to €300,000, but would have to bring in 100 jobs to justify this maximum reward.

The company managing the introductions programme -- ConnectIreland.com -- will get up to €1,000 for each job that is created. The jobs must last for at least a year.

A €20m fund has been set up for the 'Succeed in Ireland' scheme that aims to attract small and medium-sized firms that are not normally targeted by state job-creation agencies

The plan was launched by Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton yesterday.

Meanwhile, speaking at an Industrial Relations News conference in Dublin, Mr Bruton revealed new legislation is to be brought in to set up a one-stop-shop to replace the five existing industrial relations bodies.

Mr Bruton also revealed that new migration laws will be passed by the summer to revise the employment permit system.

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