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Saturday 19 October 2019

Stars of 'Dublin Wives' yet to be paid fee

Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

The stars of the TV3 hit show Dublin Wives still haven't been paid their fee – €125 per episode – despite the last programme being aired in early January.

"I'm extremely disappointed," Lisa Murphy, one of the cast of the reality show, told me on Friday, with regard to the delay in payment from the show, which was produced by Straywave Productions.

Jo Jordan, Lisa Murphy's co-star, added: "We were to be paid €1,000. I know it's small but it's still our money. We had a low budget but we never asked for anything, we paid for everything ourselves, even our flights to New York [to film a segment] we paid for, but it did give us opportunities.

"We were to be paid in September 2012 after filming aired, then we were told January as it was not being aired till then," continued Jo.

"We worked for Straywave so they are to pay us. They say TV3 never paid them the balance so they can't pay us."

Series producer John Norton sent the cast of the show this text on March 4: "Hi gals. Hope you are well? Just to update. We are STILL trying to get our final payment from TV3! I know this means that you nor us have been paid. We are chasing it every week.

"On a lighter note we are meeting the new head of TV3 next week. So fingers and toes crossed. John x."

Danielle Meagher – who none of the rest of the cast of Dublin Wives speak to or get on with – said: "I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, both working with Straywave and indeed Ben Frow. The remuneration was never the motivation for me, and whenever Straywave get paid then cast will get paid, I trust the boys entirely and I know when the production house and post production get paid then cast will get paid. I've worked in TV previously and it's a little naive to think cast get paid before the money actually comes in!

"In fact, having just announced an increase in revenue of 51 per cent and an increase in profits of 42 per cent for DermaFace Clinic, I'm ever so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Straywave last year."

To clear up any confusion over the delay, Straywave's Mr Norton told me: "As agreed with all cast members, they will be paid once all final payments have been received. This is normal practice with TV shows. We have a great cast and have a very good relationship with them during filming and beyond. We look forward to the opportunity of working with them all again."

Asked what was delaying the payment to the girls, Mr Norton said: "We have to complete final contractual deliverables, as is routine practice after the final air date in January – this process can take several months.

"We are now completing this process. We expect deliverable process to be completed shortly and all contractual obligations to cast to be completed in sync with that."

Asked if Straywave been paid by TV3 for Dublin Wives, he said: "We operate on a staggered payment basis with all broadcasters, including TV3. Final payments are structured contractually, on completion of final deliverables. We are just completing our final phase of deliverable for TV3 and hence will receive final settlement upon completion."

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