Friday 17 November 2017

Star denied abuse rumours when quizzed on Irish show

In what appears to be the only radio interview in which the matter of sex abuse claims is addressed, the late Jimmy Savile denied rumours of sex abuse allegations while speaking to Orla Barry (left) on Newstalk 106-108fm.

Speaking in an interview in 2007, the 'Jim'll Fix It' star claims he had never heard of the claims of sex abuse: "Oh . . . Never heard of it in my life . . . Now you see when you get a documentary like that, what they do is they keep prodding you and . . . what they hope is that you will fall out with them. And then they think that makes good television. . ." When asked again had he heard the rumours and allegations, the BBC DJ replies: "No, no . . . I have a life out(side) 'Jim'll Fix It' . . . We don't listen to things like that . . . If anybody says things like that there's no problem, because all you can expect from a pig is a grunt."

Later, Savile responded to questions about why he never married and said: "If there were a Mrs Savile there would be no Mr Savile . . . cowards like me don't get married, we run away . . . I couldn't see a good argument for it (marriage) anyway."

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