Tuesday 24 April 2018

Stanford tells of 'oddness' of being alone


Actor and director Alan Stanford has spoken of the breakdown of his relationship with Maeve Fitzgerald,.

The 53-year-old had left his wife of 20 years, Sharon, with whom he has two sons, to move in with the young woman, whom he met while she was an usherette at the Gate. Mr Stanford, who is director at the theatre, said he has since found ways to cope while living on his own.

"[It's been] interesting. I was never a sort of a party animal. I'm a dinner party animal. And I either sit like a slob in front of the telly with my feet up drinking a bottle of wine or go to the theatre or go out to dinner with people. And when you have spent so much of your life in that... the intimacy of constant communion with someone... it's a bit odd actually to be on your own.

"Many would say I deserve it -- but it is a bit odd. But you cope and you find other ways and I love the company of other people. One thing about me is I'm a shy person. Not many people believe me when I say it but I am a shy person and I like my privacy.

"I very often like my solitude. I like to be solitary with the people that I love. And when I don't have that I'm perfectly happy to be solitary by myself. So you cope with it by just being by yourself."

Speaking about his two ex-wives, he said: "I love both my ex-wives as people and I have huge respect for both of them. Much more respect for them than I have for myself."

The eminent actor and director, who is originally from Liverpool, discovered by mistake that he was adopted.

He accidentally found out that his parents were not his birth mother and father when he was applying for a "long form" birth certificate.

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