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Stag terrifies school after hunt goes wrong

A SMALL area of Meath turned into a scene of terror when a hunt involving a stag went wrong as the animal bounded through the yard of a primary school.

A large number of primary school children had to be kept inside the Kildalkey national school earlier this week when the stag jumped into the schoolyard pursued by a group of hounds.

It had run into the school grounds in terror after being pursued by a group of mounted members of the hunt and a large pack of dogs. A small number of pupils were in the schoolyard at the time.

RTE Radio 1's 'Liveline' was flooded with calls yesterday from witnesses claiming that the hunt had caused chaos.

School principal Kathleen Lynch became alarmed when she saw the stag running into the yard and she kept most of the children inside the school.

One of the classes had been let out and one boy was caught among the group of hounds but was big enough to run to safety, said Catherine Spain, chair of the parents' association.

A spokesman for the Ward Union Hunt, which was running the licensed event, apologised for what had happened.