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Staff member at children's detention centre badly beaten by teen


The Oberstown campus near Lusk

The Oberstown campus near Lusk

The Oberstown campus near Lusk

A staff member at Oberstown Boys Centre for young offenders has been viciously attacked in one of the “worst assaults ever encountered” at the facility.

The attacker, a resident at the unit, was allegedly under the influence of an unknown substance at the time.

Well-placed sources have said the youth was “clearly under the influence of a substance” when returning from a court appearance.

He was placed under close observation over night and staff suspected that he had drugs concealed on his person.

The following day at 8:30am, while under observation, he collapsed after a suspected overdose.

An ambulance was called as staff administered first aid.

While in the recovery position the teen regained consciousness and attacked the staff members at the scene. 

Sources said the adolescent unleashed a “barrage of punches,” injuring one member before he was restrained.

“When the ambulance arrived, he was so out of control that it was decided it was not safe enough to place him in it,” said a source.

“The ambulance was then used to take the injured staff member to Beaumont. The staff member was later discharged from hospital with extensive bruising,” they added.

The shocking incident unfolded shortly after 6pm on December 1.

Experienced staff who were at the scene said it was one of the most violent assaults they have ever encountered.

An official from Oberstown Children Detention Campus said they could not comment on the incident. 

“Oberstown Children Detention is not in a position to comment on individual cases. The young people in its care are under 18 years of age and individual information cannot be disclosed,” a spokeswoman said.

Another worker has said incidents of violence against staff and are contributing to “large staff turnover rates.”

Earlier this year staff were hospitalised after a young resident went on a rampage with a broken cup.


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