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Stab victim 'thrown out of bullet-riddled car at hospital'


Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital

A known Dublin criminal was thrown out of a bullet-riddled BMW car at a northside hospital after suffering stab wounds at a funeral, the Herald can reveal.

The man, who was charged with possession of a large quantity of cannabis earlier this year, suffered stab wounds to his neck and hands during the attack.

He was then driven to Beaumont Hospital where he was ejected from a car that eyewitnesses claim had a smashed window and bullet holes in the side. 

The incident occurred shortly after 12pm yesterday.

The man, who is in his early 20s, allegedly told hospital staff that he had been at his friend’s funeral in the Kilmore area when he was set upon.


He also told staff that he had been stabbed before.

His injuries were described as being serious but not life-threatening.

He was released shortly after 5pm yesterday.

Gardai say they are aware of the incident but said that no complaint or arrests had been made. 

The individual, who is from the Coolock area, cannot be named as he is currently facing the courts on serious drugs charges.

The Herald understands he is currently out on bail.

A source has said the man  is a “mid-level criminal, with high-level friends”.

“This lad is no stranger to the law. He has had a few run-ins.

“He is involved with a fairly serious mob of lads, some of whom have fairly heavy convictions.

“This type of thing wouldn’t be unusual for them. There is always some form of feud or row going on between various groups,” he added.

Earlier this year, another man rushed through Beaumont Hospital’s emergency doors after he had driven himself to the hospital having been stabbed in the stomach.

Darren Dunne, from Coolock, was left fighting for his life after he was attacked in Darndale on May 22.

The 26-year-old was taken straight into surgery after reportedly arriving at A&E shouting: “I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been stabbed.”

He spent a number of weeks at the hospital while he recovered from his injuries.

It  wasn’t the first time a victim of an attack had been able to drive themselves to emergency services to raise the alarm.

Last year, Gerry O’Neill was shot in the head but somehow managed to get himself to Store Street Garda Station to alert the gardai.

O’Neill was shot by a man on a motorbike as he sat in his grey Mercedes on Sheriff Street Lower, in Dublin’s north inner city.

Bullets hit the car, shattering the back window.

O’Neill was taken to the Mater Hospital and survived the attempt on his life.