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Stab victim threatens to kill his alleged attacker from hospital bed



The stabbed man is a close associate of James Quinn, pictured

The stabbed man is a close associate of James Quinn, pictured

The stabbed man is a close associate of James Quinn, pictured

A 25-year-old criminal who was seriously injured in a knife attack made chilling threats from his hospital bed against the individual who is alleged to have stabbed him in a drug-fuelled row.

The injured man from Drimnagh was still being treated in hospital yesterday after the chaotic knife row in Inchicore in Dublin's south inner city in the early hours of Monday morning.

It can be revealed he is refusing to co-operate with the Garda investigation and sources say it is feared he "plans to take matters into his own hands".

"He had a short visit in hospital from a female and during the course of this it has been reported that he was screaming and roaring and threatening to kill the criminal who attacked him and that criminal's family," a source said.

"This individual is a very volatile and violent criminal and there are serious concerns that he will seek revenge when he is released from hospital - there is no doubt that he has access to firearms."

Earlier this week, the Irish Independent revealed the stabbed criminal is a close associate of Kinahan cartel killer James Quinn.

Quinn (36), from the capital's south inner city, is serving a 22-year jail sentence in Spain for the September 2015 gun murder of Gary Hutch - the murder which started the Hutch/Kinahan feud.

The suspect who is alleged to have stabbed the 25-year-old is a very close friend of gangland miracle man Michael Frazer who survived six attempted murders between March 2014, and August, 2017.

Meanwhile, a source said the injured man "may have died" if the emergency services had not been on the scene so quickly.

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