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Sr Stan: I battled desire to have children

SHE has dedicated her life to helping the homeless and marginalised and has been campaigning for social justice for over 50 years.

But Sr Stanislaus Kennedy (72), founder of homeless charity Focus Ireland, has revealed she has battled with her "natural desire" to have children.

The Sister of Charity, who grew up on a farm on the Dingle peninsula in Co Kerry, said she has often wondered what it would be like to rear a family, ever since she decided to commit her life to God.

"The thought of what it would be like to have children has often occurred to me and it's come into my mind frequently about it over the years," she said.

"Every woman wants to have children. It's a natural feeling and desire and I'm no different.''

But she insisted she has no regrets about her lifestyle choice and accepts that being childless is one of the sacrifices she has had to come to terms with.

However, the social innovator, who helped establish the Immigrant Council of Ireland and the now defunct Combat Poverty Agency, said she fears for the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland, claiming the Vatican is out of touch with ordinary people.

Irish Independent