Sunday 18 November 2018

Spy video reveals Irish cattle cruelty

SHOCKING new video footage shows cruel treatment of cattle exported from Ireland and other EU countries to Lebanon. The footage, which is to be released by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) today, shows Irish cattle awaiting slaughter in filthy conditions.CIWF is calling on Agriculture and Food Minister Joe Walsh to stop further shipments of Irish cattle to Lebanon and says it's time for the EU Agricultural Commissioner Franz Fischler to withdraw the EU grants which subsidise exports of live cattle out to the Middle East.

The film, which was shot by a CIWF investigator in Lebanon, shows:

* An Irish bull awaiting slaughter at a holding point in Beirut unable to get up. He is left in filthy conditions without any veterinary care;

* A German bull brought to the ground by two men lying astride his back. They slaughter him by cutting his throat while he is fully conscious;

* Another bull is stunned but the stun does not work properly and he is fully conscious when his throat is slit. It takes three minutes for him to die.

The film shows another Irish bull arriving at a slaughterhouse in Beirut with one of his front legs tied to the side of the truck. He is unloaded from the truck without a ramp and tumbles off with his leg still tied above him to the side of the truck. He is eventually slaughtered in the same position.

``How can we call ourselves a civilised society when we continue to ship animals on very long sea journeys for slaughter in countries where we know there are serious animal welfare problems,'' CIWF Ireland director Mary-Anne Bartlett said.

Already this year, 7,562 Irish cattle have been shipped to Lebanon. The sea journey takes about seven to 12 days and, according to CIWF, hundreds of Irish cattle die at sea when cattle-boats get caught up in storms.

Meanwhile, Fine Gael's spokesperson on agriculture Paul Connaughton has asked why the export of live cattle from Cork has stopped.

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