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Spectacular Northern Lights dazzle in Irish skies


Aurora Borealis from Donegal

Aurora Borealis from Donegal

Aurora Borealis from Donegal

Tourism bosses may have spent a small fortune lighting up global monuments for St Patrick's Day - but back home thousands of people were treated to a free display as the Northern Lights danced in Irish skies.

And thanks to social media, the spectacular greens, yellows and purples of the Aurora Borealis went global last night.

North Donegal was the best place to see the light show, but photographer Ronan McLaughlin, who normally snaps the phenomenon in Inishowen, was able to get an incredible view on the Knockmealdown mountain range in Co Waterford.

"I was 219 miles south of where I'd normally see the Northern Lights but it was just as spectacular," said Ronan.

Elsewhere, photographer Patrick Duddy was in Inishowen.

"I arrived at Shroove in Inishowen at around 11pm on St Patrick's Day. The Aurora was visible to the naked eye but unfortunately I had a technical mishap with my tripod and had to set the camera on top of my car but it worked fine," he said.

Irish embassy staff across the globe tweeted the pictures to their thousands of followers.

With Met Eireann forecasting clear skies again tonight and this weekend, it could be the best time to see the display this year.

The Aurora Borealis is generally only seen north of Iceland, but occasionally appears further south.

The Inishowen and Fanad peninsulas in north Donegal are the best places in Ireland to see them.

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