Friday 20 April 2018

GOING green

It's time to think about the environment

From heat to electricity, we depend on energy for most everything. In fact, every year we use more and more of it. However, there are lots of ways we can use energy more efficiently.

And, with water charges on the horizon (and the possibility that in future years we will have to pay for the amounts we use), there has never been a better time to be mindful of our energy consumption.

As this guide will demonstrate, there are a plethora of ways to save energy and money around the home.

But there are more reasons to care than just the bottom line of your energy bill.

Wasting energy isn't good for the environment. Most of the energy sources we depend on, like coal and natural gas, can't be replaced - as the slogan goes; when they're gone, they're gone. Conserving energy around the home can have a positive impact on the environment.

Caring for the environment doesn't require you to become an environmental activist, it just means you know more about the environment and have the ability to make more eco-conscious decisions.

Here are a few reasons why you should care

A clean environment is essential for our health

When we pollute our environment with contaminants and toxins it can have a harmful impact on our health. Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases and cancer due to the inhalation of all the harmful chemicals. Water pollution can lead to typhoid and diarrheal diseases, due to the intake of bacteria and parasites.

Think of the children

What type of world would you like to leave for your future family? Most people love being outside, breathing the fresh air, and enjoying the sun on their skin. Now imagine your children, or grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren not being able to do the same because the environment has been destroyed.

Running low

The Earth has a finite amount of non-renewable resources; this means that once we use them up, they will no longer exist. Metals such as nickel, iron, and copper will likely be mined-out within the next 100 years if mining continues at its current rate. Studies have recently shown that the world could run out of oil completely within the next 50 years. It is up to us now to find renewable sources of energy and innovations to save what little non-renewable resources we have left.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

When people talk about biodiversity they are talking about the variety of plants, animals, and other organisms in a particular area. Biodiversity helps keep balance in species and ecosystems. Humans are responsible for the largest threat of destruction for species and ecosystems. For example, tropical forests contain more than 50 per cent of the entire world's biodiversity, and because of deforestation they have been reduced by 80-90 per cent. Each species on Earth serves a special purpose in their ecosystem and the planet as a whole. Protecting the environment helps prevent the destruction of habitats and species.

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