Monday 19 February 2018

Classroom savvy

You're in school for the best part of 15 years, so what better place to start practicing good energy habits than there?

With so many students attending school every day, energy efficiency in the classroom can have a big effect on the environment. Here are some handy tips for teachers and students a like!

nAt the end of each day make sure all windows are closed. This along with drawing the curtains or lowering the blinds will help keep classrooms warm during the winter months.

nA well-lit class really helps with concentration, however some bulbs are not energy efficient. Replacing older bulbs with CFL's makes a huge difference to energy consumption in the classroom.

nWhen there is enough sun trickling into the class try and switch off unneeded lights. Lights near the window in particular can be off for much of the day.

nWhen leaving the computer room, even for a short while, make sure the desktop monitors are powered off. It will save electricity as well as the longevity of the screen.

nMany computers have power saver options that include sleep mode for when they are left on by accident. It is always best to make sure computers are turned off at the end of the day, especially at weekends.

nIn staff rooms, common rooms and home economics classrooms make sure to use kettles, dishwashers and other appliances with an A energy rating. A-rated appliances are much less harmful to the environment.

With these little steps you can help make your school more energy efficient and even apply for Green Flag to show off how environmentally conscious you are!

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