Wednesday 13 December 2017

Carbon Calculator

Take a look at our handy chart to see how much energy you can save by being more energy conscious. In our grid, household one's carbon emissions represent a home that isn't taking responsibility for their carbon footprint, while household two is taking every precaution to reduce their CO2 emissions.Household 1Household 2HEATWhat fuel is used to heat your house?Mains GasGreenHave you made improvements to your home?NoYes (walls insulated, thermal glazing)How warm do you keep your house?Very warmComfortableDo you heat all of the rooms in your home all of the time?YesSwitch off heating at night and when you are not at homeWATERHow do you usually wash yourself?Power showerPower showerHow often do you wash?Once dailyLess than once dailyDo you have solar water heating?NoYesPOWERDo you use green electricity?NoYesDo you have low energy lightbulbs?NoYesDo you regularly use a tumble-dryer?YesNoTRAVELHow long is your work/bus commute (in miles)1010How do you get there?CarBusThe size of the car1.3-1.8litren/aDo you do any additional driving during the week (in miles)100Do you regularly use a bike or walk for shorter trips?NoYesFOODHow often do you eat meat or fish not from your local area?Most mealsNeverHow often do you eat dairy products or eggs?Every dayEvery dayMost of your meals areReady-madeMade freshHow much of your food is organic?NoneMostIs your food waste composted?NoYesRESULTSSource of emissions - measured in tonnes of CO2 per yearHeating your home1.100.39Heating your water0.830.35Powering your home0.540.16Total emissions from your home2.480.90Total emissions from transport:0.750.13Total emissions from food:7.840.17Your Total Direct Emissions:11.071.20Your Total Annual Emissions of Carbon Dioxide:14.983.48

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