Thursday 21 November 2019

A career change for the better

Kara Crinion had previously worked in the hospitality sector. She decided to make a career change. And was looking to move into an area that would offer a number of job prospects

"A friend of mine was doing a course through Jobbridge. She mentioned Springboard+ to me and said I should look into it as it might give me the qualifications I needed to reach my goal."

When Kara researched the Springboard+ programmes she discovered two courses she thought she would be interested in - both in the computer science field. She ended up opting for the Higher Diploma in Web Development at Griffith College Dublin.

As Kara hadn't stepped into a classroom in seven years she was understandably apprehensive.

"I was nervous going into the course but at the same time it was something I really wanted to do. I had to really push myself as it wasn't an easy undertaking. I found getting back into a routine difficult but after a few weeks I settled in and got my head into it.

"I'm so glad I did. The course was really comprehensive and gave me a lot of practical knowledge. It was a lot of work but it covered everything you'd need to work in the field of computer science."

Today Kara is working in Web Together - an award-winning development agency.

"Once I got my diploma I discovered that there were lots of opportunities available to me. There are lots of companies looking for qualified people and I now had the skills to meet those needs."

Still, she has a word of caution.

"Don't just sit back once you get your qualification and think the hard work's over. I really found that I had to go looking for opportunities and contact companies to see if anyone was willing to meet me. That's when I discovered Web Together and I'm so happy I went the extra mile in my career search.

"If anyone is looking for a challenge or a career change like I was I would whole-heartedly recommend Springboard+."

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