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Soother rescue baby to be named Barack

A FIVE-week-old baby, whose soother was gallantly recovered by US President Barack Obama in Moneygall, Co Offaly, is now to be named in his honour.

Jamie Nolan, from Wilton in Cork, is to have 'Barack' added as his third name when he is christened in a few weeks' time.

Jamie -- whose father, Brian, hails from Moneygall -- made world headlines when he was plucked from the throng and hugged by Mr Obama on the village's main street last Monday.

However, as Jamie was being handed back to his family, his soother fell from his mouth and dropped on to the pavement.

Mr Obama immediately recovered the soother and handed it back -- with the warning to wash it before giving it back to Jamie.

Jamie's mother, Caroline, said she would remember Mr Obama's kindness for the rest of her life.

The errant soother is now going to be framed and kept as a cherished memento for Jamie when he gets older.


Brian operates the Cuppa Cafe on Union Quay in Cork.

He said that he and Caroline had settled on 'Jamie' and 'John' as their son's names.

However, they will now add a third christening name: 'Barack'.

Jamie is Brian and Caroline's first child -- and they were determined that, even at just five weeks old, he should share in the excitement of the US president's visit to his father's native village.

The couple also plan to write to Mr Obama at the White House, thanking him for his kindness in Moneygall, and will enclose a family photo.

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