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Son of horse trainer Morris is found dead


Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris

Thelma Mansfield and John Morris, Christopher’s aunt and uncle.

Thelma Mansfield and John Morris, Christopher’s aunt and uncle.


Christopher Morris

The son of respected horse trainer Michael 'Mouse' Morris has been found dead in an apartment in Argentina.

Christopher Morris (30), who was the nephew of former RTÉ presenter Thelma Mansfield, died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning on Monday night.

Tragic Christopher, from Fethard in Co Tipperary, was hoping to come back to Ireland and open a restaurant using recipes he picked up on his world travels, his family has said.

Michael Morris paid tribute to his youngest son, saying he died while doing what he enjoyed and having "a ball of a time".

Christopher's brother Jamie posted a heartfelt message on Facebook announcing the news of his death.

"It is with unimaginable sadness that I have to inform you of the passing away of my beloved brother and best friend Tiffer Morris," he wrote. Christopher gained the nickname Tiffer because Jamie wasn't able to pronounce his brother's name properly as a young boy.

"He died peacefully due to carbon monoxide poisoning in Argentina. There's going to be one hell of a gig in heaven tonight with Tiff on the drums and cooking up a feast," he added. "God must have heard about his cooking skills and taken him from us for himself! Love you always bro xx," wrote Jamie.

Christopher died on Monday night in an apartment in the city of Las Heras, in the Argentinian province of Mendoza. A second man in the property also died in the poisoning tragedy.

The Morris family are now waiting for his body to be repatriated to Ireland after it is released. The Department of Foreign Affairs are providing consular assistance.

Local media reported that the two men were found dead inside an apartment in Las Heras and an investigation was launched to determine whether they died by inhaling carbon monoxide.

According to Gustavo Garis, head of the district of Las Heras, "a neighbour called 911 because he noticed water coming out below the door of the apartment".

"The neighbour knocked on the door but the men did not respond to calls," he added.

Police entered the home and found one of the deceased in the bath. Christopher Morris was found lying on a bed.

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