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Some of the other disappeared...


John McClory

John McClory

Charles Armstrong

Charles Armstrong

Columba McVeigh

Columba McVeigh


John McClory


Eamon Molloy (21): Abducted in north Belfast in July 1975, after being accused by the IRA of being an informer. His body, the first to be given up, was in a coffin left at Faughart graveyard near Dundalk, County Louth in 1999

Brian McKinney (22): He was abducted with his friend John McClory in 1978. He had allegedly admitted to stealing IRA weapons for use in robberies. His body was uncovered in a bogside location in Co Monaghan in 1999

John McClory (17): His body was also recovered at the same spot as John McClory. Tests showed the two had been made to lie in their grave and then both were shot through the head.

Jean McConville (38): The widowed mother-of-10 was killed in December 1972. Her skeletal remains were found at Shelling Hill beach in Co Louth in August 2003. She had been shot in the back of the head.

Danny McIlhone (21): The west Belfast man went missing from his home in 1981. The IRA said Mr McIlhone was murdered for stealing weapons for use in robberies. His remains were discovered in the Wicklow Mountains in November 2008.

Charles Armstrong (57): The father-of-five from Crossmaglen in south Armagh, went missing on his way to Mass in 1981. The IRA denied any involvement in his disappearance at the time. A team looking for Mr Armstrong found human remains in Co Monaghan in July 2010.

Gerard Evans (24): Last seen hitch-hiking in Co Monaghan in March 1979, no-one has ever admitted responsibility for the 24-year-old's death. His remains were found at a site in Co Louth in October 2010.

Peter Wilson (21): A young man with learning difficulties, he was abducted in Belfast in 1973 and murdered for fraternising with British soldiers. His remains were found buried on a beach on the Antrim coast in November 2010.


Kevin McKee (17): A reputed junior IRA member, he was abducted along with Seamus Wright in October 1972.

Seamus Wright (25): Another IRA man from west Belfast he was accused of working as a British army agent alongside Kevin McKee.

Columba McVeigh (19): From Donaghmore, County Tyrone, he was abducted and murdered by the IRA in 1975 after allegedly confessing to being a British army agent. His mother, Vera, died in 2007.

Robert Nairac (29): The SAS-trained British army captain was abducted by the IRA in Jonesborough, Co Armagh, in May 1977. He was abducted when he visited a pub at Dromintee, south Armagh. It is believed he is buried in the Cooley Peninsula hills.

Joe Lynskey (45): A former Cistercian monk from the Beechmount area of west Belfast, he later joined the IRA. Mr Lynskey disappeared in 1972, and republicans have claimed Mr Lynskey was "executed and buried" by the IRA.

Seamus Ruddy (32): A former school teacher and member of the Irish National Liberation Army he was murdered and secretly buried in France in 1985 by members of the organisation who were subsequently themselves murdered.

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