Sunday 18 February 2018

Solicitor in 'Bog Hotel' case to be best man at wedding

Pensioner Patsy Brogan, 72, pictured with his soon-to-be-wife 29-year-old barmaid Daria Weiske at his 'Bog Hotel', near Frosses, Co Donegal
Pensioner Patsy Brogan, 72, pictured with his soon-to-be-wife 29-year-old barmaid Daria Weiske at his 'Bog Hotel', near Frosses, Co Donegal

Paddy Clancy

THE owner of the infamous 'Bog Hotel', who announced plans to marry his 29-year-old barmaid, has now asked his solicitor to be best man at their wedding after a court acquitted him of running an unlicensed bar.

Solicitor Paudge Dorrian persuaded Donegal District Court last Wednesday that there was nothing illegal about 72-year-old Patsy Brogan's 60sq m garden-shed bar in a bog in the Bluestack Mountains in Donegal.

Immediately, Mr Brogan and Daria Weiske, who is 43 years his junior, said they planned to celebrate by getting married. She said she was considering an Easter Monday wedding in her native Poland. Mr Brogan added they also had an offer from a Donegal hotel for a free wedding.

Mr Dorrian said: "Patsy asked me as soon as the judge gave his verdict if I would be best man at his wedding. Those were his first words.

"I didn't get a chance to consider at the time because I was involved in the next case. But if he's going to marry, why not be his best man? I've been effectively that as his solicitor in the Bog Hotel case."

Ms Weiske has repeatedly denied she intended marrying Mr Brogan. She was furious when he claimed earlier this year that she was pregnant and insisted that she has her own room at his cottage home near Frosses.

She sat several feet from him in court last week, but she smiled at the verdict and for the photographers.

She said she was confused that she might be prosecuted for serving drink at the bar. Relieved that this wasn't to be, she then said she was planning to marry the pensioner.

Mr Brogan said they might marry in Donegal, instead of Poland, because a hotelier told him: "You can have it for free. You are the best thing to happen to Donegal publicity-wise for a long time."

Mr Brogan was due to appear RTE's Podge and Rodge show last year but his solicitor said he advised against it because the case was still sub judice.

Now Mr Brogan is going to expand his bar, dubbed the 'Bog Hotel'.

He said: "I'll have outdoor tables in a special area where people can sit outside in the bog on a nice summer's day. It's known as the Bog Hotel so what better place to drink in than out in the bog."

Judge Kevin Kilrane turned down a planning bid by Donegal County Council to shut the bar because there was no evidence that Mr Brogan charged for drink in it. He ruled that the pensioner was entitled to have a private bar for family.

Mr Brogan claimed at all times the bar was for his private use and, while he welcomed callers, he insisted he did not charge for drink.

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