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Social welfare cuts won't be reversed - Joan Burton


Labour Party leader Joan Burton

Labour Party leader Joan Burton

Labour Party leader Joan Burton

The Government is not in a position to reverse cuts made to social welfare in previous budgets, Tanaiste and Labour Party leader Joan Burton has warned.

Ms Burton has said the basic rates had been maintained in recent years and she did not foresee any further reductions at thistime.

The Social Protection Minister said that while the Coalition was aiming to “cement the recovery”, it would do what it could to help middle and low income families.

“We are not going to be able to meet everybody’s pent up expectations all in one budget,” she said.

Ms Burton told RTE’s Morning that the State’s social welfare bill has been reduced by the growing numbers of people going back to work and leaving the live register.

However, she would not commit to reversing cuts in recent years.

“We are not in a position as yet to do that,” she replied.

Ms Burton also said investment in housing would be a key part of the Government’s approach.

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