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So Mario, what exactly were you doing trying to mimic Stan in this video clip?

THE lawyer for radio comedian and Gift Grub star Mario Rosenstock yesterday strongly denied his client has ever been arrested or charged and has questioned the authenticity of a new dramatic video clip of his client.

The denial comes as the video clip, reportedly taken while Mr Rosenstock was at a Dublin Garda station, has been obtained by the Sunday Independent. The clip has not yet made it to internet sites like YouTube or Blogorrah but has in the past few days been circulating on mobile phones.

The video, which appears to show the popular mimic struggling to perform his .character 'Stan' in front of a number of out-of-picture onlookers, comes only days after another controversial video clip involving a garda made its way on to the internet.

The Sunday Independent understands that Mr Rosenstock was taken on the January 14, 2006 to a Dublin city centre Garda station but mystery surrounds the circumstances as he was never charged or brought before the courts. It is believed that the comic was brought in "for his own safety" and was released shortly afterwards.

Despite the emergence of the clip, Mr Rosenstock's lawyer called into question its authenticity. Mr Rosenstock was out of the country this weekend and declined to comment personally.

His lawyer said: "For the sake of clarity, I can state that Mario has never been questioned by the police nor has it ever been alleged or suggested he has been involved in any wrongdoing. My client has never been charged with any offence."

Despite the strong wording of his statement, Mr Rosenstock's lawyer failed to deny that his client was ever taken to the station by gardai.

The clip, which lasts about 45 seconds, is a fascinating insight to the famous performer. The clip shows him attempting to mimic Irish soccer manager Steve Staunton, 'Stan', but he is largely incoherent throughout. During the clip, which is marred by considerable background noise, Mr Rosenstock is seen saying: "I'm appalled, my name is Stan. Well on the actual performance."

He is then seen shaking his head and shouting, "F**k off, Stan" and laughing.

The emergence of the clip a year and a half after the incident has no doubt occurred because of the controversy of the other YouTube clip involving a garda appearing to mock a member of the public. The two incidents are the latest in a growing list of controversial videos to become public which involve officers or soldiers of the State.

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The garda at the centre of an inquiry into the YouTube video, which shows him mocking a member of the public, has not been suspended but the trainee who filmed it could be facing the sack.

A Garda spokesperson said the identity of the officer and caller had to be established and there was no reason for any action, including a possible suspension, yet.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission confirmed that the investigators will not make any recommendations to the Garda Commissioner until the probe ends.

Residents of Kingscourt in Cavan were outraged yesterday as the controversial video - most likely filmed on a mobile phone - attracted a total of 13,674 viewers and 176 comments on YouTube by last night. It was also posted on blogorrah.com.

The residents defended the garda shown in the video, who ridicules a construction worker called Brendan Campbell when he rings to complain about boy racing in Kingscourt. Despite protestations from the caller that his name is Brendan Campbell, the amused garda continues to call him "Mr Campbell".

Gardai are trying to track the individual who uploaded the video, who called himself LucidLJ. He joined YouTube and posted the footage on the website on May 31. It was accompanied by the caption: 'Local man Brendan Campbell seems quite furious at the guards taking the total piss out of him. Enjoy!'.

A Kingscourt local defended the garda involved, saying "He is a 100 per cent local man and the gardai here are good, hardworking men."

Two weeks ago, a soldier who uploaded a highly embarrassing video clip onto YouTube of a couple of Irish soldiers in Liberia pretending to fire their weapons at a group of people, quickly removed the clip after it appeared in the media.

The poorly edited video, named 'The Irish Army at War' and posted in the 'comedy' category of the website, is heavily dubbed with the sound of fake machine-gun fire. It features one man standing next to a vehicle while two others pretend to fire their Steyr rifles at a crowd in a nearby field who lie down or take cover.

Viewers who saw the clip said the Liberian crowd appeared to be in on the prank, and shows the soldiers laughing as they walk away from the scene.

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