Wednesday 23 May 2018

Snap up your own island for the price of a house

Lynne Kelleher

YOU can now own an island for the price of a semi-detached house.

Three of Ireland's islands are on sale at, a website aimed at the some of the world's richest investors.

The four-acre Mannions Island in picturesque Dunmanus Bay in west Cork is on the market for €150,000 and the 70-acre Island Mor in Clew Bay, off Co Mayo, is tagged at €906,000.

The website labels Ireland as one of the "cleanest countries in Europe".

It adds: "With Ireland's dramatic economic turnaround real estate in this country isn't much of a deal these days but you can still purchase a private island, with a castle, for under a million dollars.

"Larger islands in southern Ireland cost considerably more but you'll get acres of rolling green hills and unspoilt coastline.


"Ireland has a lot going for it -- friendly locals, rocky hills, farmland and afternoons telling tall tales at the local pub. The soil and streams are the cleanest in Europe.

"The Irish will often tell you they have all four seasons in a day. Ireland's climate is warmer than most of Europe but with its high humidity it closely resembles Seattle. Island investors can be assured of good quality of life in Ireland."

On the exclusive website, the 185-acre Mutton Island off the coast of Co Clare is also being sold as a prize piece of real estate for an undisclosed sum.

The private island, which features a freshwater lake and several springs, was once home to wine and tobacco smugglers in the 1700s.

The island, which was inhabited until 1948, contains the ruins of two cottages and an oratory, as well as a graveyard and several walled fields.


At the height of his fame in the 1960s, the Beatles' John Lennon bought the 19-acre Dorinish Island in Clew Bay for just IR£1700.

Today, most celebrities tend to opt for the idyllic life of tropical islands to get away from their superstar existence in Hollywood.

After falling in love with the laid-back Bahamas lifestyle while filming 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Johnny Depp bought the beautiful tropical island Little Hall's Pond Cay for €2.5m as a retreat.

Marlon Brando owned an island paradise in French Polynesia while Mel Gibson has one of the Fijian islands close to where he grew up with his family in Australia.

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