Monday 19 February 2018

Snake pops out of plumbing and surprises pub staff

The remains of the snake found in the Slieve Rossa pub.
The remains of the snake found in the Slieve Rossa pub.

Brian Byrne

It should have been just another routine pipe cleaning - until a snake popped out and took everyone by surprise.

Management at the Slieve Rossa pub in Co Cavan were shocked to discover a snake had been living in their plumbing system.

They made the discovery after the water stopped draining from the washing machine behind the bar last weekend.

Owner Michael Mooney decided to figure out what was causing the blockage, but was shocked at what he found.

“We found what looked like snake skin, and when we pulled more of it came out. It was about two feet long,” said Mr Mooney, and added that he thought it was a grass snake due to its size.

He said the snake might have escaped from its owner or been let loose outside the bar.

It's believed the snake entered the pipe a number of days before the discovery because it was attracted to the heat of the water.

Unfortunately, the exotic animal was already dead by the time Mr Mooney discovered it.

He said: “I rang the Irish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA), and they said it had probably drowned in the hot water. There would have been boiling water going down the pipe all the time.”

However, Mr Mooney was unable to remove the entire snake using only his fingers, and eventually had to use an air compressor to blow the rest of the remains out of the pipe.

He later disposed of the animal following recommendation from the ISPCA.

Mr Mooney said customers at the pub didn't believe him when he told them at first, but that they had been joking with him about the discovery ever since.

“They've been making comments about there being two legged snakes behind the bar now,” he said.

This is the second strange discovery in recent weeks after an oversized rodent measuring an extraordinary 24 inches was found in the attic of a residence in Kingswood in Co Dublin.

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