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'Smoke-free' campus announcement sparks outrage among some UL students: 'Stress levels will sky rocket'


University of Limerick (Stock photo)

University of Limerick (Stock photo)

University of Limerick (Stock photo)

The University of Limerick has announced its plans for a smoke-free campus - and the news has left some students fuming.

UL president Dr Desmond Fitzgerald said the smoke ban will also include the implementation of vape-free zones.

The smoke-free areas will be all around the campus within the coming months, with some expected to be introduced next month.

Under the policy, 'smoking' includes the use of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic pipes or other such electronic nicotine delivery systems intended to simulate smoking.

The students' union said it has "little control over the rollout of the initiative."

"We are aware that the policy change is welcomed by many and unwanted by some. The intention is for UL to be a healthier campus for students and staff. When we receive more information regarding the smoke-free/vape-free zones we will update you," the students' union said in a statement.

Some UL students took to Facebook to condemn the move.

"Stress levels will sky rocket," one student wrote.

"I will be a walking, breathing, smoking protest," another wrote.

Other students praised the plans to ban smoking on campus, saying it will offer an incentive for people to quit the habit.

University College Dublin and Trinity College are expected to follow suit and have also started the process to become completely smoke-free zones.

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