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Slight fall in number of people signing on Live Register in October

UNEMPLOYMENT has fallen slightly in the last month with the numbers signing on down over 9,000 in October.

And even when adjusted for seasonal factors the trend is downwards with 1,000 fewer people on the Live Register than in September.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show there are 420,172 people on the Live Register, and the unemployment rate is unchanged at 14.8pc.

Even though the number of men signing on is falling faster, they still outnumber women on the Live Register, with 268,645 males and 151,627 females registered.

Longterm unemployment continues to soar with the number of people out of work for over a year increasing by almost 5pc in the last year to 188,117, almost 45pc of the total.

The number of young people on the Live Register continues to fall with a 10pc drop in the last year, which analysts believe is down to high emigration in this agegroup.

Another 73,449 people are taking part in work activation programmes such as back to work schemes, internships and Fas training schemes, and these are not included in the Live Register tally.