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Six questioned over fatal stabbing of Polish man

GARDAI were last night interviewing six men about the fatal stabbing of a Polish man in a rented house.

The 25-year-old victim, who cannot be named until his next of kin have been contacted in Poland, died hours after being admitted to hospital.

He had been living with a group of Polish friends in a large two-storey house at The Glebe, which is on the main road running west out of Rathmolyon, Enfield, Co Meath.

The victim worked as a mechanic in a local garage and had been living in the area for about a year.

Gardai were last night trying to establish the circumstances of a row, which resulted in the stabbing early yesterday.

Officers were called to the house around 1am and found the victim with serious stab wounds to his chest. He was taken to Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown for surgery but died there around 3.40am.

Gardai arrested two men, aged 29 and 59, at the scene and they were being held for questioning last night. They can be detained without charge for up to 24 hours, including rest periods.

Later yesterday, two other men arrived voluntarily at Navan and Trim garda stations and a further two presented themselves at Blanchardstown station.

They were all being interviewed by detectives last night about events in the house leading up to the stabbing incident.


Gardai said all six of those being interviewed had been in the house with the victim prior to the assault.

Meanwhile, the house, which is owned by a local builder and rented out to the group, was sealed off for a technical examination and gardai said the state pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy had been notified.

Locals said the victim was well known in the village shop, where he often bought supplies on his way home from work.

Groups of neighbours gathered in clusters yesterday to talk about the horrific incident.

One local businessman said: "Everyone is really shocked at what happened. This is a small village with no violence, so everyone is talking about it."

The scene of the stabbing is located across the road from Rathmolyon church.

The village is situated in the southern half of Co Meath and is about eight kilometres from Trim.

The investigation is being led by senior officers from Trim garda station.

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